Agent Orange was an herbicide combination manufactured by both Dow Chemical and Monsanto Chemical during the Vietnam War.  We sprayed enormous amounts of it to defoliate Vietnam’s jungles to help our soldiers be safer. Because the new ‘Agent Orange GMO’ food seeds (Enlist Duo seeds) are reliant on an herbicide cocktail that uses one of two active ingredients in Agent Orange (2,4-D), it is helpful to know the verified health effects of Agent Orange on Americans. The Vets were late teens or young adults when they were subjected to aerial spraying of Agent Orange. After decades of losing litigation to Vietnam Vets who have become sick or died from their exposure to Agent Orange:

  • The Veterans Administration (VA) has compiled a list of the “presumptive diseases associated with exposure to Agent Orange.”
  • The list of “presumptive” diseases includes Ischemic Heart Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, Porphyria Cutanea Tarda  (a liver disease) and at least nine forms of cancer.
  • The list of  ten cancers associated with Agent Orange for Vietnam Vets includes:

“Chronic B-cell Leukemia,
Hodgkin’s Disease [a malignant cancer of lymph nodes, liver etc.],
Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma,
Multiple Myeloma (bone marrow),
Prostate Cancer
Lung Cancer
Larynx Cancer
Tracheal Cancer     
Respiratory Cancers
Soft Tissue Sarcomas.”

Although 2,4-D is only half of Agent Orange, it still doesn’t seem like a great food additive.

What we know from studies on Roundup is it will be eaten in tiny but consistent doses. This problem of ingesting or breathing in chemicals not meant for human consumption has another whole side to it. It turns out Agent Orange was a mutagen. Mutagens can cause genetic changes in the next or even next two generations.

  • The VA admits that Agent Orange is a mutagen. 
  • The servicemen’s kids who were born with Spina bifida have that condition as a result of their fathers’ exposure to Agent Orange.
  • The VA acknowledges 18 genetic defects for the infants of American servicewomen who served in Vietnam are a result of that service. This list includes:

Congenital Heart Disease
Cleft Palate

Hydrocephalus (excess cerebral spinal fluid)
Esophageal and Intestinal Atresia (Esophagus does not connect with stomach) Imperforate anus
Undescended testicles
Pyloric stenosis (genetic defect of baby’s stomach causes forceful vomiting). 

However, for the servicewomen, the VA does not single out Agent Orange. It says only that it was the women’s service in Vietnam that caused these genetic defects. The VA is now looking at evidence that even the grandchildren of some of our Vets are affected by their grandfathers’ exposure to Agent Orange. (Please see "2,4-D from AGENT ORANGE is a NEW GMO FOOD Ingredient" & "New GMO Food Ingredient" section )