National Cancer Institute shows an almost 37%  increase of cancer in kids from 0-14 years old from 1975 to 2012.
  •  Approximately 28 kids between 0-14 years old are diagnosed with cancer per day in the US.
  •  In 2010, 1/3 million American kids previously had or currently had cancer.

Many of those children had been treated with radiation and/or chemotherapy.  Putting kids through the horrific treatments for cancer must be terrifying for them.  Each one of those 379,112 kids has at least one parent and often several siblings, in addition to several grandparents. Everyone in the family is affected by that child having cancer. According to the National Cancer Institute “about 5% of all cancers in children are caused by genetic mutations.” That leaves 95% of kids’ cancers to be explained.

  • The U.S. government states: “In 2014, it is estimated that 15,780 children and adolescents ages 0 to 19 years will be diagnosed with cancer.”

  • The U.S. government also states that 1,960 American children will die of cancer in 2014.

  • Neuroblastoma is the most common cancer for newborns or one month-olds.

Why are they getting that sick? (Neuroblastoma is a tumor which can cause either a “spontaneous remission or a rapid metastatic progression and death.”)
There are many reasons adults can get cancer, but the number of reasons for kids plummets. Some people feel it’s a result of glyphosate being the most used herbicide in the U.S., especially with its use on Roundup Ready crops.

  • Monsanto’s own scientific studies done in the 1980’s showed lab mammals getting tumors in just a few months when they were fed diets with glyphosate embedded in their feed.
  • The British Institute of Science in Society did a study of glyphosate and found links between glyphosate and tumors.

Though Similac and Enfamil have recently added non-GMO formulas because of consumer pressure, they still offer “lower end” GMO infant formula.That won’t help the kids who have already been fed formula with GMO soy nor will it help the families who cannot afford the “higher end” formulas.

  • GMO corn is fed to our beef cattle and dairy cows. In fact, in 2015, about 89% of our corn grown in the U.S. was GMO.  GMO alfalfa is also fed to U.S. livestock.

  • A cheeseburger at a fast food place probably has a double dose of GMOs.

  • High fructose corn syrup (almost all of it is made with GMO corn) is in many packaged foods, and almost all sodas.25

  • Add a soda to your fast food cheeseburger and you probably have a triple dose.

  • This explains why, in 2014 alone, Coca-Cola Co. and Pepsi Co. spent over $15 million to block legislation requiring GMO labeling

In 2014, General Mills, Kellogg, Kraft and Land O’ Lakes invested over $9 million to block GMO labeling laws. Though a national law has not passed, Vermont managed to pass a GMO labeling law which takes effect in July 2016. Reading the writing on the wall, Campbells, Mars, General Mills and Con Agra are all agreeing to label their food products as to GMO sourcing. But some of the companies are only putting it on their packaging in the form of “QR” codes which require a smart phone and the app to read the “Quick Response” codes. Not all families with young children can afford smart phones.
General Mills has created a new database on their website so you can see if their food product has GMOs. Multi-Grain Cheerios ingredients include corn in 3 forms: whole grain corn, corn starch and corn bran. This is what their new database says about this cereal: “Some ingredients (generally less than 75% of the product by weight) are from plants grown using GE seed.” (GE means genetically engineered, GMOs are foods that have been genetically engineered.) The government measures glyphosate & other chemicals in parts per billion (ppb). It is not reassuring that General Mills is measuring GMOs by ounces. On their website they say the Multi-Grain Cheerios GMO content is less than “75% of the product by weight.” 
The American Cancer Society’s statistic that American kids’ 37% increase in cancer from 1975 to 2012 exactly mirrors the timeframe from Roundup’s introduction (using glyphosate) in 1974 to Americans using 280 million pounds of it in 2012. 54 Much of its expanded usage is caused by our huge reliance on RR soy and RR corn which are in many prepackaged foods.

  • Scientific American quotes a study showing an ingredient in the Roundup formula is super toxic to placental cells and embryonic cells.


  • An industry group of scientists describe glyphosate's effectiveness in killing weeds. They say it is due to glyphosate's ability to embed itself in plant tissue and translocate throughout that tissue. Since glyphosate is also sprayed on our food crops (notably corn, soy, sugar beets, wheat, beans,and canola), it will also translocate through their tissues. We eat that food. 


  • Both Reuters News and Science Direct quote other studies showing that glyphosate is sticking to the crops we are feeding our kids.


  • Monsanto must have expected that. In 1992, two years ahead of their 1st  RR crop coming on the market (soy beans), the company successfully petitioned the EPA to triple allowable residue levels of glyphosate on soy.54

Corn and soy bean seeds may be Roundup Ready, but our kids’ bodies are not.  

(Please see “Herbicides Sticking to Our Dinner” section, "2,4-D from AGENT ORANGE is a NEW GMO FOOD Ingredient" section & “Roundup is Everywhere" section)