1. Limit how much high fructose corn syrup you and your family eat/drink.

2. Cook fresh foods; do not just heat up pre-packaged foods. Even easy breakfast foods like an omelet or oatmeal is a better start to a day than the packaged cereals which are often made with GMO corn. Eat organic when you can. Before 1860, it was all organic.

3. If you absolutely must eat pre-packaged foods, read the labels. If the ingredient sounds like a chemical made in a lab it probably is. Especially in prepackaged foods, limit your consumption of their soy and corn. It is almost all GMO.

4. Limit your intake of packaged pizza. The wheat could have been “dried” with Roundup, the cheese and pepperoni will probably have Roundup residue from the livestock fed GMO corn, soy or alfalfa. It doesn’t mean you can’t eat it ever, but the more toxins you feed your body, the harder it is for it to stay well.

5. Limit your fast food intake: remember that a cheeseburger and a soda probably contains three doses of GMOs and four doses of the herbicide Roundup. 

6. Some kids are really really resistant to eating vegetables. Try slipping one vegetable and a fruit blended in a smoothie or freezing them in a yogurt mix/milkshake. “Nutri Bullet Dessert” makes some kind of small fancy blender which some folks swear by. I don’t know it.

7. Try growing just a few vegetables a year. Even if you are an apartment dweller, you might try something easy in pots: Swiss chard or kale. They don’t need much sun and kale is packed full of nutrients. You can throw them in soup, stew, an omelet or side dish. If you are hard core, you can eat them steamed with your favorite sauce!

8. If you are trying to kill weeds in patios, driveways or curb strips, anywhere you don’t have desired plants that might be affected, pour undiluted vinegar on the weeds. It changes the pH of the soil and kills almost all of them within a week.  A big box store sells the same vinegar you can use in salad dressing for les than $2 gallon, which is really cheap for an herbicide and less worry about poisons if your kids sit down on the patio or curb strip.

9. Try tolerating a few weeds in your lawn, or brick the whole thing over and then use white vinegar between bricks.  Don’t let your kids play on herbicided lawns at home or in city parks. If you go hardcore: grow fruit trees or perennial vegetables in your front yard. (If you live in the East or Midwest the winter vegetables can’t happen.)

10. Ask your city’s Public Works Department if they announce when they are going to use chemicals on the parks lawns. Have your kids play elsewhere for several days after. If the Parks and Rec staff get snarky, send them to this website.

11. Please read the links provided here. Educate yourself on these issues. Some books not in the links are: Food & Behavior by Barbara Stitt  and  Food, Inc.  ed: Karl Weber.

12. Form study groups and/or see some films on the subject: “World According to Monsanto”, “Food  Inc.”,  “Fast Food Baby”,  “As We Sow”.

13. Ask your federal Senators and Congressmen/women to fund impartial studies that have NO financial benefactors to gain from the outcomes. (Their staff may fall down laughing  but persist.) If you call 202-224-3121 give your senator’s name or your state and zip code, they will put your call through to the staff at your senator’s office.  At the very least, request GMO labeling for all foods and drinks sold in the USA.  If there is big money pouring into blocking legislation requiring notifying us of GMOs then we should probably know.

14. If you only read one link from the "links list" page, please read #40: “Scientific American’s” 6/23/2009 Weed-Whacking Herbicide Proves Deadly to Human Cells.”  It is written for the lay person and is easy to understand whereas many of the links are from scientific studies.  (Please see “Source Links”)